Portable Oral Irrigator for Teeth Whitening In Dubai

Dental experts pointed out that brushing can only solve the problem of cleaning the surface of the teeth, so the cleaning of the interdental and gingival sulcus needs to be done by a dental irrigator. The irrigator is better for plaque and gingivitis The irrigation device allows water or liquid medicine to enter the gap…

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  • The dental water flosser can efficiently reduce food residue, germs and dirt, helping people improve oral condition maintain oral health, ideal for people who have dental implant, or wear braces or retainer.
  • The oral irrigator is 3 modes available including soft, strong and pulse mode. By using it 2-3 times a day, you can prevent tooth decay/gingival atrophy/bleeding gums/dental calculus, etc.
  • High pulse water flow frequency, the built-in smart chip precisely controls the pressure water flow for 1 minute per day, deeply cleans the teeth and protects the gums.
  • Smart power-off protection: the device will auto shut down in 2 minutes without operation.
  • Convenient and easy to use, Sprinkler can rotate 360 degrees freely when cleaning.


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